Locations for 'The Journey'

Making it real - the importance of research 
by EJ Jackson

Giving Eva and Tom a home.


Finding a real location on which to base Eva and Tom's homes was in some ways easy - it had to be London, because Eva's story began as a short mystery set on the London Underground,  titled 'The Journey'.   I realised that if I wanted her story to seem real to my readers, I was going to have to find out where she worked , where she  lived, and how she travelled around her world. Of course Tom also had to be given a home.  But where to put them?  

I eventually chose an area of South West London where my great-grandparents once lived - and as luck would have it, a property just one number away from their home in Irene Road happened to be on the market, and provided some fabulous interior images. This enabled me to virtually walk around inside Tom's home, and to be able to visualise how it might look from Eva's point of view.  I'm not sure that I can reproduce those images here (the current owners might object!) but I can certainly show you the exterior, since anyone can see it on Google Maps   (see image and link below)

Travel time was also a factor - it took a good friend to point out that I'd got  both the timings and location wrong (Parsons Green being an Overground line, not Underground) in Chapter One, so that had to be corrected.  

You do, of course, have a certain amount of license where fiction is concerned - especially science-fiction!- but I wanted those parts of the story to be fairly  grounded in reality , so some degree of accuracy was essential. 

Irene Road, London - where Tom has his home in 'The Journey' and he and Eva still live in 'The Methuselah Paradox' - my great-grandparents once lived at number 5!

Parsons Green tube station - where Tom and Eva emerge to find a devastated London. 


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