Meet the characters in 'The Methuselah Paradox'

Trailer art by Catherine Archer-Wills
  • The Detective:  Ian Hammond . Losing his mother when he was just nine years old had a profound effect on the young Ian Hammond. Now approaching his forties and a Detective Inspector with the Manchester police, Hammond is a copper always determined to get to the truth.  His doggedness when it comes to finding missing people is legendary. So when the case of missing research scientist Emma Morgan ends up on his desk, Hammond approaches it with his usual professionalism.  But when he spots  a link between Emma's disappearance and that of his own mother,  Hammond is suddenly conflicted.  Just who is James Moran - and how can he be involved in two cases  separated by almost four decades?

  • The Scientist: Emma Morgan. Emma believes that the research she is conducting into a cure for Progeria - a genetic mutation which causes sufferers to age and die prematurely - will be her life's work. But when Emma is snatched from the street by James Moran and asked to discontinue her work, Emma suddenly finds herself feeling conflicted. Just who is James Moran, and can she believe anything he tells her?

  • The Enigma: James Moran.  Moran understands DI Hammond's need to find the truth.  A detective himself, Moran has left behind a dying daughter in his quest to save her life. Where is Moran really from , and why is he targeting Emma's family? 

                                                             The truth will shock them all. 

art by  Catherine Archer-Wills


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